February dye project update!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

So far so good! My first big dye project of 2020 is going really well and the colours I've unveiled have made me smile a lot! Fingers crossed for the next stage.Yes, there is another few stages to this project! :-)

I never like to over think or set my heart on the colours that could be achieved but I rather prefer to learn the science behind plant-dyeing, listen to my intuition and keep my fingers crossed as I have fun experimenting. So far my learning and intuitive process has led me to create the most wonderful colours and patterns, which encourages me to continue. I also believe that if you don't achieve what you were hoping for at first, you can always re-dye, re-print, or even use the fabric for another project at some point.

Recently I was really lucky to work with a wonderful, local florist Bloominclares, who is as passionate about sustainability and recycling as I am and has to my utter joy, offered to give me her floral waste, so I'm off to pay her a visit this week and see what fantastic florals and foliage awaits me!! Thank you Clare! you're awesome!

This week I've also had lots of fun dressing up in my plant-dyed fabrics (well why not, they feel and look fantastic!!) to see how my ribbons look when worn and also take some pictures for my website and blog. This photo of me (taken by my clever photographer husband Stu) shows a new plant-dyed fabric background and one of the plant-dyed ribbons I have been working on this year. I'm also wearing re-cycled clothing that I have re-loved with food-waste dye (which will soon be for sale in my shop). I absolutely adore how intricate and delicate the details and patterns are. Only nature could give us such incredible shades of colour!

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